DreamCatcher Kit

For students, teachers, athletes, or anyone needing a mental and emotional boost. Whether you are going to school, sending your kids to school, working, raising a family, teaching home school, going through a change in your life, or struggling with the changing of the seasons, this kit can help you and your family. This is an amazing kit for anxiety, helping you deal with pressure, and boosting your ambition. It will help you reach your goals. It helps us be healthy, stay focused, and allows us to learn easier, making school fun, safe, and the best it can be for every student. It comes with sample bottles making it convenient to send oils to school with your kids, or keep in your purse or pocket.

This kit comes in a Storage Box. This box will hold 12 bottles of oil.

This kit includes the following (6) 10ml oils:
LeAmbition is a great stress relieving oil, and can be used for headaches, mental fatigue, and revitalizing a weary mind. It energizes the mind and opens communication between body systems as well as our communication with others.
LeAssurance is an especially good choice when there is a need to overcome feelings of anxiety, fear, or apathy that leads to procrastination. It helps to sort out the reasons for the reluctance we are experiencing about working toward or achieving our goals. This blend provides the enthusiasm to tackle the tasks necessary to achieve our goals.
LeMillenia helps us find the courage to move forward with confidence and faith. One of my favorite uses for LeMillenia is in working with ADHD and hyperactivity. Applying LeMillenia to the feet at least once a day can make a profound difference in a child’s ability to sit still and concentrate. I use the feet because it is an excellent place to draw essential oils into the body.
LeTranquility can help us develop inner strength, patience, understanding, and confidence. LeTranquility promotes relaxation and relieves anxiety, stress, tension, and depression. This is the number one essential oil blend for panic attacks. Also useful for crowd-induced anxiety.
LeVictory is an excellent oil for children who have a difficult time moving from the left (logical) side of the brain to the right (creative) side of the brain. It helps connect thought patterns and electrical activity across the corpus callosum. This blend is a perfect choice for the child who sometimes has a hard time separating fantasy and reality. For adults, this blend is very calming and can bring each of us to a place where we can accept what is and who we are without fear of failure or rejection.
Lavender Officinalis
Lavender is a gentle, but effective, sedative and nervine. It can bring relief from anxiety, panic, hysteria, emotional and mental fatigue, headaches and migraines, and insomnia.

Also includes Keychain Case with 8 Sample Bottles

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