Essentials Kit

Nine of the best selling oils in one great kit with a carrier oil to make it easier to use. This kit helps with breathing, sleeping, fighting off viruses, relieving pain, dealing with bug bites, aligns physical structures, electrical energies of the body, balances every meridian, and energizes every chakra. The Essentials Kit has so many more uses than those already listed. It also contains many great oils to diffuse or wear as perfume to cleaning around the house. It’s an all around great kit!

This kit comes in the Small Bag. This bag will hold 19 bottles of oil.

Color choices include
Blue, Burgundy, Green, or Black

This kit includes the following 9 10ml oils:

Blends (7)
LeBreezey, LeDeliverance, LeMelaPlus, LeMillenia, LeSunburst, LePaine, LeTranquility

Singles (2)
Lavender, Peppermint

Also includes a 2oz Coconut Oil