First Response Kit

Be prepared for any crisis with this First Response Kit! This kit helps treat shock, flu, diarrhea, cuts, headaches, colds, bronchitis, pneumonia, respiratory congestion, allergy symptoms, pain, coughs, burns, and convulsions brought on by fever. This kit is great to take with you everywhere you go.

This kit comes in a Storage Box. This box will hold 16 bottles of oil.

This kit includes the following 5 10ml oils:
LeAspire, LeDeliverance, LeMillenia, LePaine, Lavender

This kit includes the following 4 Blessed Waters:
Bioplasma, Diarrhea Symptoms #1, Flu Symptoms #1, Rescue Remedy

This kit includes the following 4 tinctures:
BBL, IF, RC-L, WC (2oz)