Complete Flu Kit

The Complete Flu Kit has essential oils, tinctures, and blessed waters at your disposal to help you deal with the ravaging symptoms of the flu. Different symptoms of the Flu could cause problems in the respiratory system, the digestive system, as well as the after-effects of weakness and fatigue. This is a great all-inclusive kit to keep on hand all year long!

This kit comes in two Storage Boxes. One box will hold 16 bottles of oil, the other will hold 12 bottles of oil.

This kit includes the following 9 5ml oils:
LeAspire, LeBreezey, LeDeliverance, LeEndoRelief, LeInsideOut, LeLife Force,LeMariah, LeStefanie, LeRevitalize

This kit includes the following 5 1oz Blessed Waters:
Arsenicum album 200C, Diarrhea #1, Eupatorium perfoliatum, Gelsemium semper 200C, Veratrum Album 200C

This kit includes the following 4 1oz tinctures:
BBL, Cayenne/Hawthorne, MIN, RC-L, Rosehips, Olive leaf, WC (2oz)

Also includes a 2oz Coconut Oil