Mini Starter Kit

The Mini Starter Kit is a great kit to get you started. Wonderful as a gift too. It has the top 6 oils that everyone should have plus 2 of our most popular carrier oils and a miracle salve. Miracle salve is a great moisturizer and salve. It has numerous healing properties and is our personal favorite. The Mini Starter kit helps with breathing issues, pain, sickness, aligns physical and mental structures, skin conditions and helps with focusing and concentrating, just to name a few. This mini kit packs a punch with the abilities it can help with. It is a must have!

This kit comes in a Storage Box. This box will hold 12 bottles of oil.

This kit includes the following 6 10ml oils:
LeBreezey, LeDeeper, LeDeliverance, LeMillenia, Lavender Officinalis

This kit includes the following 1/2oz Carrier oils:
Almond, Coconut

Also includes 1/2oz Miracle Salve

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