Triple Warmer Meridian

The triple warmer meridian is closely associated with the immune system and protects the entire body from external threats. Triple warmer gauges everything from the temperature of the room to the safety of the building we are entering or standing in and tells us if the emotional environment is safe. This meridian is responsible for the distribution of water in the cells and tissues. Triple warmer governs those feelings or inspirations that we receive that we do not mentally understand the source of.
Triple Warmer Meridian Balance: Protection of the physical body, lightness, hope
Out of balance: Auto-immune disorders, allergies, heaviness, and depression.

Meridians are the pathways of communication between the various parts of the human body/mind/soul complex. These meridians channel an invisible nutritive energy known to the Chinese as ch’i. The ch’i energy enters the body through specific points and flows to deeper organ structures. Meridians bring life-giving nourishment with a gentle subtle energetic nature. A strong and balanced flow of energy through the body’s meridians is important to optimal health. Blocked meridians create imbalanced energy flow to organs, which contributes to disease states within the body.

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Triple Warmer Meridian

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