Augustine Volcano

Mount Augustine is part of a chain of volcanic islands along a trench where the Pacific Plate is being subducted under the North American Plate. This area is called the Aleutian Megathrust. The Augustine Volcano is one of Alaska’s most active volcanoes. The last eruption, in 2006, is said to have been caused by a clogged conduit (whatever that means). I found that phrase and the naming of the area ‘Megathrust’ interesting in light of the characteristics of this remedy.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES): Tendency to violent outbursts of anger brought on by discord in relationships due to squabbles about who is in charge at home or in the workforce. The continual adjustments in relationships, even quite intense ones, can be opportunities for growth and increased effectiveness as a couple, as a family, and in working relationships. The amazingly powerful energies of the tectonic plates that permeate the energy of this remedy support deep, intense, and wonderfully beneficial changes in ourselves.

PHYSICAL SUSCEPTIBILITIES/STRENGTHS: High blood pressure, often with the characteristic red face that accompanies emotional outbursts such as anger or extreme irritability. Violent headaches with a cyclical pattern, always occurring at the same time and surrounding the same issues. A rapid pulse during such episodes, sometimes with a pulse that is visible at the temples. This remedy may have an effect on any cyclical activity in the body (such as menstrual cycles, sleep cycles, and seasonal allergies). Illness as the result of mounting stress or pressure at work or home is also seen.

INDICATIONS OF NEED: One example of a need for this remedy is a child, often a boy, that suddenly bursts into sound and motion. (If you know such a child, you will know exactly what I mean! I hope you are not a person that jumps at sudden noises!) In adults, this pressure builds much in the same way, but the outbursts are usually irritability, outbursts of anger, or periods of intense activity. This remedy may be just what is needed in any situation where the pressure builds beyond a person’s ability to cope.

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Augustine Volcano

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