Chalice Well

This essence was made with water from the Chalice Well Gardens of Glastonbury, England. The water from this amazing well flows constantly at 25,000 gallons per day. (WOW!) It maintains a constant and consistent temperature of 52° Fahrenheit. The water comes from deep within the earth and is not dependent on nor influenced by the forces of nature around it. The spring has never been known to fail and during the dry years of 1921–22, this spring was the sole water source that saved the entire town and the populace from the drought. The well’s construction is dated as pre-1184 AD because the stones used in its construction can be traced to an abbey of that time period. Shards of Iron Age pottery alongside Roman and medieval shards suggest that there has been human activity around this water source even in antiquity.

Remember that a Blessed Water or Homeopathic remedy always reflects the character and characteristics of that source in its healing properties.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES): The huge volume of water produced and its consistent temperature is an indication of this remedy’s ability help us draw on both earth and the Creator of all things for strength and stability within ourselves. Perhaps we are feeling miserable and suspicious of those around us and of our own capabilities and strengths. Perhaps there are moments (days and nights) when our fears override our faith and we wonder if we are on the right course, or even if we are capable of charting the right course for ourselves and our loved ones. We wonder if we have the capacity to cling to the things we know to be true and important. This remedy can help us draw strength from the eternally strong earth as well as from angelic and Heavenly sources.

PHYSICAL SUSCEPTIBILITIES/STRENGTHS: Physically, this remedy may improve our ability to receive and absorb nourishment from the foods that we eat. Sensitivity to the environment (weather conditions, heat or cold, etc.) may trigger unpleasant physical or emotional symptoms. Fatigue, foggy thinking, skin ailments, and at times, difficulty with the digestion of meat may be improved by this remedy.

INDICATIONS OF NEED: A person who finds themselves struggling with decisions. They are unsure of knowing the next step on their personal path of life or, perhaps, simply lack the strength to take that step. The phrase that comes to mind as this remedy helps one overcome their fears is, “I know what is needed today and I have the strength and resilience to be up and doing it.”

**All descriptions of spiritual and physical healing properties were researched and collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and is not meant to treat medical conditions. Butterfly Expressions does not guarantee the accuracy of any of these statements.

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Chalice Well

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