Glacier River

This remedy was created from solarized water that had emerged from the base of the Gulkana glacier. The water, due to its course, carries suspended particles (sediment) of ground-up rock as well as wind-blown sand and silt.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES): Feelings, like faith, are a choice we make every day. We can drag old, unhealthy, rigid patterns of thinking and being into each new day (like sediment and debris) or we can choose to release them (perhaps in prayer first thing in the morning, or in other appropriate ways). The glacial debris that is an integral part of this remedy, on the other hand, can produce in us the desire to let go of the debris in our own thinking and in our behavioral patterns. Such debris—and the clinging to old patterns—can retard or dim our spiritual insight and vision.

PHYSICAL SUSCEPTIBILITIES/STRENGTHS: Rigid thinking almost always results in such ailments as stiff joints, rigid muscles, and even the destruction of bone and cartilage in knees, hips, shoulders, or spine. Strengths: flexibility and a strong spine with healthy discs and spinal segments. This remedy, as it helps clear debris from our thinking, should encourage faster recovery from injuries to bone, muscles, and tendons.

INDICATIONS OF NEED: Stiff joints or muscles. Arthritis. Erosion of cartilage in the spine or joints. Rigid thinking, including but not limited to self-blame and guilt.

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Glacier River

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