Greenland Icecap

This remedy was made from solarized water on the Greenland ice sheet. A study of the tectonic plates in this area is fascinating. There is a great deal of energy as plates have converged (one plate sliding under the other) over eons of time. Scientists believe that Iceland was pushed up into being as a result of this convergence. British scientists have discovered a long and deep mega-canyon hidden under the ice that is up to 2 km (a bit over a mile) thick. It is at least 750km (roughly 450 miles) long and up to 800m (about 1/2 mile) deep in places. This is comparable in size to the Grand Canyon in North America. The sub-glacial valley may also perform a valuable function in helping to stabilize the ice sheet as it probably acts as a fast pathway to drain melted water at the bed of the ice sheet into the ocean.

I mention this because the energetic effects of homeopathics and Blessed Waters are very strongly connected to the energy of the substance and area from which they are made!

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES): This is a remedy for extremely deep emotions which need to be processed, stabilized, and drained away. There is an obvious connection to the deep chasm that runs under this huge ice sheet. I find the visualization of the ice sheet as it might apply to the freezing up or hanging on to emotions an interesting corollary. Unresolved trauma or emotions can lead a person to feel that life is difficult, has always been difficult, and that they need to stand up for themselves and their point of view in order to make life more to their liking. (See Indications of Need section below.)

PHYSICAL SUSCEPTIBILITIES/STRENGTHS: Fatigue, often brought on by feeling responsible to get everything right and to do everything they possibly can to make everything turn out right for everyone around them. Constipation, as emotions are held on to refusing to be passed on and out of one’s life. Ulcers, as these trapped and volatile emotions may also, literally, burn holes in inappropriate places such as the stomach, duodenum, or intestinal tract.

INDICATIONS OF NEED: A person who might benefit from this remedy may frequently feel slighted or overlooked by those around them. The result of deeply hidden emotions may translate into demands for others to not only hear what they are saying, but value the opinions expressed. The person may be seen by others as quarrelsome and difficult to get along with when, in reality, they are only demanding the right to their own opinions and to be who they feel God meant for them to be.

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Greenland Icecap

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