Liard Hot Springs

The Liard Hot Springs is the second largest hot spring in Canada. This remedy was prepared from the hot spring water on a cold winter day. The temperature difference between air and water would have been quite extreme, as the water, even in winter, is between 108°–125° F. In addition, the water of this spring has a very high mineral content. The spring is surrounded by a warm water swamp with extremely lush plant life. The swamp contains 40 acres of orchids, for example. This area is referred to as a tropical valley.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES): Sciatic and spinal injuries are often thought of as being purely physical. However, sudden bad news or shocking types of occurrences occurring without warning can, and do, bring about such symptoms for a time as a person struggles to process what has happened. This is especially true if the changes that the event are bringing into a person’s life are resisted instead of processed and accepted. This remedy may help bring a person to acceptance and, perhaps, even to enthusiasm and an eagerness to experience the new reality of their life.

PHYSICAL SUSCEPTIBILITIES/STRENGTHS: Sciatica with pain that usually originates from a pinched nerve somewhere in the lumbar spine. The pain extends down the legs—usually only one leg—with “pins and needles” feelings, especially in the feet. Alternatively, the pain may be jolting, somewhat like an electric shock. Because nerves affect muscles, this sort of pain may be mistaken for muscle injury or other issues.

INDICATIONS OF NEED: Symptoms and pain as described above. A diminished capacity to meet each new situation and each new day with anything but indifference and misgivings. This remedy should help bring a person in such a state of mind to recognize that they are, in reality, spiritual beings placed here on earth to learn and grow. The effect should be clearer insight and the ability to “self-start” on projects and become a person with contagious energy with which to meet the challenges of each new day and each new situation.

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Liard Hot Springs

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