Polar Ice

Prepared on the ice pack near the North Pole. I can tell you from experience that the North Pole is a very cold place with very interesting energy!

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES): Able to wait well with trust in the Lord and His timing in the fulfillment of our prayers or the changing of our circumstances. Not be influenced by what we think should be or what we think we deserve. These are the strengths. Of course, the polar opposites of this make up the weaknesses that may be moderated with the use of this remedy. What are these polar (yes, the word polar in this description is intentional) opposites? Constant fretfulness and worry would certainly be among them if we lack faith in either God or in ourselves.

PHYSICAL SUSCEPTIBILITIES/STRENGTHS: As constant worry occupies one’s mind, issues with memory, predominantly short-term memory, are too often seen. There may also be a lack of enthusiasm, passion, and enjoyment of both everyday things and in making any plans for the future. Another characteristic brought on by fretfulness and worry may be a lack of warmth experienced especially in the hands and feet.

INDICATIONS OF NEED: Discouragement with the circumstances of our lives. Letting trauma from the past or worries about the future keep us from trying new things or moving forward in our lives. Such worry prevents learning and stymies our ability to move forward and enjoy new experiences. There is a pronounced tendency to be cold when those about them are either comfortable or a bit too warm.

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Polar Ice

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