Redoubt Volcano

Although this is another volcano remedy in this set, this remedy’s energy is very different from the Augustine Volcano remedy. This remedy was made during the 2009 eruption of the Redoubt Volcano in south-central Alaska. It seems to have embodied the energy of fear and anxiety that are part of being anywhere near a volcanic eruption or the series of earthquakes that may accompany such an event. In addition, volcanic ash presents a unique set of challenges. These challenges are also reflected in the energy of the remedy.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES): The anxiety and fear a person may feel as they face the inevitability of major changes in their lives is reflected in the energy of this remedy. The earthquake aspects of the energy of this remedy make it especially useful for balancing emotions surrounding those changes and losses over which a person had little or no control. Airborne clouds or ash make visibility in the air hazy and clouded. This seems to correspond to our intuition or ability to feel inspiration being similarly clouded. Travel on the ground is also compromised when ash is in the air. This remedy may help a person move forward with sure-footedness, emotionally and physically.

PHYSICAL SUSCEPTIBILITIES/STRENGTHS: Eye infections, inflammation, or irritation that cloud vision for a time are part of the physical manifestation of the emotions discussed above. Eye strain from too much reading or from reading in inappropriate light may also be seen. Earaches, ringing in the ears, temporary diminution of hearing, and intuition and inspiration become cloudy and the way ahead appears treacherous.

INDICATIONS OF NEED: Varying, unhelpful degrees of anxiety in the face of change or even the thought of change. This is especially true if the change is unwanted and there is very little autonomy in preventing or controlling the upcoming situation. Feeling out of touch with intuition or inspiration is also another indication that this remedy may be helpful.

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