Solar Eclipse

Solar eclipses occur when the moon is positioned between the Earth and the sun, fully or partially blocking sunlight and earth’s view of the sun for a time; the moon is quite literally casting a shadow on the earth. The moon, in many energetic philosophies, is said to represent womankind. Thus, the connection with a person’s relationship to their mother or other females in their lives is quite pronounced. The connection seems to be, predominantly, in relationship to overbearing female figures who demand to be the center of attention or to have their opinions count more than the opinions of others or than the opinions of the person themself. The term “hen-pecked” comes to mind. It must be remembered, however, that one’s personal perspective of others is not always accurate and, sometimes, is a reflection of oneself and not of them!

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES): A weakness in taking responsibility for one’s own life and choices that leads others to assume undue power and authority. Feelings of not being able to handle anything without the advice of others first. A tendency to take another person’s advice instead of seeking the guidance of the Spirit or the lessons learned through one’s own experience and innate wisdom. Such a person may fear the future and struggle with depression.

PHYSICAL SUSCEPTIBILITIES/STRENGTHS: Headaches, including migraines, and ones brought on by nervous tension, worrying, or not acting on the advice of another person when it was sought for. Headaches with pain behind or centered in the eyeballs as the view of the path ahead cause stress and strain. A tendency to throat and lung issues, linking to an inability to stand up for oneself in discussions about decisions. Muscle stiffness and soreness as though reluctant to move forward.

INDICATIONS OF NEED: This is a remedy for both men and women, especially those who have a history of being dominated, or of having their decisions made for them, by a dominant female, wife, mother or another influential female in their lives. The lack of a strong father figure in any family situation seems to be a catalyst for the behaviors this remedy may be indicated for. Similarly, this remedy may also be useful for those whose life and lifestyle are devoid of a Heavenly Father figure or an understanding of His role and the role of the Savior of the World in their lives.

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Solar Eclipse

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