Stone Circle

Perfect, naturally occurring circles of stones cover the ground in many parts of Alaska. This essence was prepared, energetically, in such a naturally occurring circle of stones. Strangely, in other parts of the far north, stones arrange themselves in other striking patterns such as polygons, stripes, and even labyrinths. Over the years, scientists have proposed various explanations for these unusual patterns of stones and soil. There doesn’t seem to be a single explanation that accounts for the full range of unusual patterns. The fact that this remedy was prepared in a circle will, of course, have affected the properties of this remedy.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES): Such a circle often seems to represent the integrity of and the protection provided by our own aura much like, but in a completely different way, then does the Solstice Sun remedy also in the natural forces set. It is not a matter of light, but of the protection of our own vital forces through relaxation and proper rest. This remedy should encourage one to relax, rest, and do those things that are helpful in replenishing one’s own vital forces.

PHYSICAL SUSCEPTIBILITIES/STRENGTHS: The taking on of both physical and emotional symptoms of clients or of other people around you in a room or other environment is a pronounced weakness for some people. This can lead to a multitude of physical issues. For example, if the client comes with a cough, they leave without it but the therapist coughs until she manages to process or step away from the energy brought into her surroundings by the client or being “put out” by others in the room. The possibilities are endless—and in their negative aspects, both uncomfortable and detrimental to mental and physical health.

INDICATIONS OF NEED: This remedy is of particular use to energy workers, massage personnel, or just about anyone else who is affected by the energy of others. (I am not sure there are people who are not so affected unless they have spent time strengthening the protective aspects of their own energetic resources.) This remedy acts to enable a person to maintain openness and sensitivity without absorbing or taking on the energy of the person on whom they are working or the people in their environment.

**All descriptions of spiritual and physical healing properties were researched and collected from various sources. This information is offered as a service and is not meant to treat medical conditions. Butterfly Expressions does not guarantee the accuracy of any of these statements.

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Stone Circle

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