Tidal Forces

The tides of Kachemak Bay are extreme with an average vertical difference of 15 feet and recorded extremes of 31 feet. The highest tide on record was over 25 feet! This remedy was prepared from both fresh and sea water on this Bay during a full 24-hour, 22-foot tidal cycle.

MENTAL/EMOTIONAL (STRENGTHS/WEAKNESSES): The behavior of the tidal waters from which this remedy is derived brings a host of varying and volatile emotions. The positive aspects include feelings of rhythm and balance as well as the ability to adapt more readily and properly to any swiftly changing currents in our own lives. This remedy may assist us in letting go of the old, and embracing the new. Circumstances such as Getting “empty nest syndrome” when children leave home, when a new job is begun, or a move to a new home or neighborhood is required come to mind as possible examples of such changes. The volatility and variability of the tides suggest this remedy’s use with extreme vacillation of emotions and even mental states (bipolar or other extreme swings of mood and mental health). Tidal forces are influenced by the moon which has led to long years of speculation that lunar phases also influence human emotions.

PHYSICAL SUSCEPTIBILITIES/STRENGTHS: Variations in blood sugar levels with resultant changes and fluctuations in energy levels are prominent. Intense and debilitating fatigue. There may be stomach pains brought on by irritability and anxiety. Muscle aches and pains are also seen.

INDICATIONS OF NEED: Widely fluctuating moods as well as widely fluctuating physical symptoms and energy levels. Great fatigue followed by periods of almost manic activity. An inability to rest is seen in both phases.

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Tidal Forces

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