(Artemisia pallens)

INGREDIENT IN: LeRevitalize, LeSafeGuard, LeTurmoil

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: anti-infective, aphrodisiac, stimulant, endocrine system stimulant, expectorant, antidepressant

AFFINITY FOR: endocrine system, respiratory system, hormones

RESONANCE: physical, emotional

PLANT FAMILY: Compositae

PART UTILIZED: stems and leaves, organic

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

APPLICATION: Davana is best worn somewhere on the body.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Davana is popular in the perfume industry where it has the reputation of making a scent unique to the individual wearing it. This property is obvious in the pure essential oil as well. The aroma of Davana is difficult to describe because it usually smells quite different from person to person. The aroma of Davana is very different on the skin than whiffed from a container or when it has been diffused.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: Davana eases anxious feelings and nervousness. It is helpful in recovering from shock, trauma, disappointment, and perceived failure. (Notice the properties and uses of the blends in which it is found.) Davana is considered a potent aphrodisiac.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Used to relieve spasmodic coughing and loosen thick mucous in the lungs. Davana fights infections, particularly tetanus. It should be applied without delay to cuts and wounds, especially if the cut was made by iron objects and tetanus is a real possibility. Davana has been shown to rupture the protective outer layer of viruses, thus killing them quickly. Davana is regarded as a stimulant to the endocrine system, and has some hormonal balancing properties.

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