Melissa Rectified

(Melissa officinalis)

INGREDIENT IN: LeSimplicity, LeStefanie, LeSynopsis

GENERAL INFORMATION: There are less scrupulous producers who break a variety of essential oils into chemical components and then reassemble them to closely resemble an oil that is either expensive or difficult to produce.  The finished product is 100% biological and can be labeled “natural” (there is nothing natural about it).  In this case, using Melissa as an example, there may not have been any Melissa oil used in the production of the finished product at all.  This type of fraud is difficult—almost impossible—to detect by current testing equipment and standards. The difference will lie in how well they work. Being 100% biological originally does give these products some medicinal value but the fact remains that “only God can make a tree.”  Your own nose, the response of your own energy system, and buying from knowledgeable people whom you trust is your only protection from this type of criminal skullduggery.

Sometimes oils labeled as wildcrafted or organic have rectified components added to the original oil.  Raising truly organic oils is expensive.  If not done well, the end product is often inferior.  As a fix individual components are added back in to bring the original up to, or even to exceed, the specs of an excellent product with organic, natural components.  This oil may have impressive certifications but a trained nose can differentiate.

Butterfly Express LLC sells a rectified Melissa oil that has therapeutic value but it needs to be understood that it was made from individual components. These components are “natural" but probably not from the Melissa plant.  I have used rectified Melissa with good results.  It is not in the same league as pure Melissa, but in some cases it works surprisingly well.

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