Oregano, Wild

(Origanum vulgare)

INGREDIENT IN: LeDeliverance, LeDeliverance Plus, LeEndoRelief, LeSimplicity, LeStefanie

GENERAL INFORMATION: This is the same plant and species as the Oregano listed on the previous page, but it is harvested in the wild rather than cultivated for use. There are those who believe that wild-crafted oils (and herbals) are stronger and more medicinal than cultivated ones. I have found that growing conditions vary from place to place in both cultivated beds and in the wild. The differences in quality may have more to do with the conditions under which the harvested plants grew rather than whether or not the plant grew wild or was cultivated.

In a Biblical sense, when man left Eden he was given dominion over the earth and expected to till, cultivate, and improve it somewhat. Good essential oil growers are careful to grow the most vital and therapeutic plants possible. Their livelihood and reputation depend on their ability to optimize the medicinal value of their products.

Often, wildcrated oils are not up to the standards of loved and cared for (cultivated) plants. This particular Wild Oregano is an exception. It is a very nice oil.

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