Valerian Root

(Valeriana officinalis)

INGREDIENT IN: LeQuiet Essence, LeStefanie

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: analgesic, antispasmodic, nervine, sedative


RESONANCE: physical, emotional

PLANT FAMILY: Valerianaceae


EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Valerian Root has an earthy aroma, which is much more pleasant than the aroma of the fresh root would lead you to expect. I think the fresh root smells like a dead mouse in a very dirty sock!! The essential oil has none of that aroma!

APPLICATION: An excellent essential oil to add to the bath. It is even quite pleasant diffused.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: Valerian Root is an oil of understanding, forgiveness, and reconciliation. It is of particular value to those who are too hard on themselves. Valerian Root can help us move away from unhealthy forms of guilt, understand that we have learned the lessons of the past, accept who we were and who we are, and forgive ourselves for the foolishness (or even stupidity) that is in our past.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Valerian Root essential oil contains some volatile components not found in any other essential oil currently produced for sale. These components are useful for an incredibly long list of conditions related to nerves. This is a versatile essential oil that can soothe your spirit, calm your nerves, and help you cope with the stresses of our modern world. It is useful for headache, irritability, premenstrual symptoms, any type of cramping or spasms, insomnia, heart palpitations, panic attacks, and neuralgia.

GENERAL INFORMATION: While Valerian acts as a sedative and nervine on most people, there are a small percentage of people who react in just the opposite way. Valerian makes them irritable and aggressive. This effect wears off quickly but should be accepted as a clear indication that this oil is not for you, at least not at this time.

CAUTIONS: Valerian, as a single, should be avoided during pregnancy and by children. There is some documentation indicating that overuse may cause lethargy, but in low doses or in blends, Valerian appears to be non-toxic and non-irritating to most people (see General Information above).

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