White Pepper

(Piper nigrum)

INGREDIENT IN: LeConnection, LeEZ Traveler, LeWeightLess

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: anti-inflammatory, analgesic, muscle relaxant, circulatory stimulant, carminative, detoxifying, diuretic, expectorant, laxative, aphrodisiac

AFFINITY FOR: respiratory system, muscles and joints, lymphatic system, digestive tract, yang energy, bones, circulatory system

RESONANCE: physical, emotional, mental

PLANT FAMILY: Piperaceae

PART UTILIZED: Fruit (white berries)

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: White Pepper essential oil has a slightly more mellow aroma than Black Pepper. It has a spicy, crisp, fresh scent that is faintly similar to Clove. It has an uplifting action on the mind and is quite soothing to the senses.

APPLICATION: White Pepper essential oil should be well diluted for topical application. Mix a few drops with water and white vinegar for an effective cleaning solution to wipe down surfaces of your home. Add to a diffuser to perk up your mood, freshen the air, and kill airborne bacteria.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: White Pepper is viewed as having balanced and refreshing aspects. It is said to be energizing to the mind, invigorating as well as revitalizing the spirit. White Pepper energizes the Triple Warmer and Pericardium Meridians, allowing us to be more open and peaceful with feelings of lightness and hope.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: White Pepper essential oil is beneficial for muscular aches and pains, osteoporosis, and sprains. It can be helpful for rheumatism as well as rheumatoid arthritis. White Pepper can stimulate the circulatory system to function more appropriately. Some studies suggest that White Pepper decreases blood pressure. White Pepper increases cellular oxygenation, helping us maintain stamina and energy. White Pepper is the pepper considered to be the most beneficial to the digestive system.

GENERAL INFORMATION: White Pepper essential oil is made from the same fruit as Black Pepper. The berry is picked when fully ripe and the outside layer is removed, revealing the light-colored inner seed. This makes it more subtle than Black Pepper. All types of pepper come from a vine grown in India called Piper nigrum. It is widely cultivated for its fruit. The fruit is cooked and/or dried depending on the type of pepper produced. Pepper, used as a spice, has been known as the “king of spices” and was long used in trade and bartering. Pepper is rich in essential minerals and vitamins. It is rich in antioxidants. Pepper essential oil contains a significant amount of sesquiterpenes- in fact higher than Frankincense.

CAUTIONS: White Pepper essential oil may cause skin irritation to sensitive skin. Avoid contact with eyes and sensitive areas. Avoid during pregnancy.

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