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I love the Reset kit offered by Butterfly Express. I get asked often how to use it. I hope this helps.

How to make clear something that must, of necessity, be completely individual to each person and each situation? Brace yourselves—this is likely to be a lengthy explanation.

Herbs as Nutrition

The first thing to be understood is that herbs are not drugs. They do not work like drugs work. Herbs are nutritious plant "foods". They work because they provide the nutrients the body needs to get a particular job done. If the liver sees that the kidneys are in good shape and the blood is reasonably clean, and if the blood has the nutrients to hook the "junk" to in order to send it out of the body, the liver will start cleansing itself. Having the right nutrients in the bloodstream is the key to both good health and cleansing the body.

The Blood and the Kidneys

So . . . this program begins by cleansing the blood using the RC herbal tincture formula. How much to use will depend on how well the person's kidneys are working. In other words, the amount to use must be individualized to each person and the state of their kidneys. If you overdo the RC formula, you will not feel so good. The kidneys will become stressed. You may experience low back pain or a slight headache or any other fun thing that comes with kidney stress. The solution to these uncomfortable symptoms, is to slow down the amount of RC being consumed. You should also begin with, or increase, support to the kidney. The KB herbal tincture is responsible for the kidneys.

The Liver

Now, that sounds pretty easy, and it is. But then we will need to factor the liver back into the equation. In our world today, livers are usually a bit of a mess. So we begin taking the LC tincture. LC provides the nutrients the liver needs to link "junk" to in order to pass the junk safely through the kidneys. Take enough LC and away goes the junk, out of the liver and into the bloodstream. Thanks to the RC that you are taking, the junk then leaves the bloodstream by way of the kidneys, which you have supported with the KB. So you see that how much LC you take depends on how much junk you want to dump from your liver at this time. That depends on how much more your blood can carry and how much your kidneys can handle. As I said before (twice, I believe), indidualization is the key to this program. Each person's program will be unique to them.

The Colon

Now, we are going to add in the CD and start cleaning the colon too. There is no set dosage schedule. Of course, there isn't. If you are wise, you start slowly, however, both here and with the LC. After all, your body has been storing away toxins for you for a long time. It is perfectly okay—in fact, it is good, better, BEST to take it slowly getting rid of those pesky toxins and junk. The KT and the CD are the support program for the cleansing you will be doing, typically. (We will discuss the exception to the following basic program in a minute.)

Basic program dosage suggestions: Now that we have stressed, over and over, the need for individualization, let's give you a little bit of guidance about dosage. Start with 6–8 drops of all 4 tinctures. You can put them all in the same cup or take them separately, whatever. Makes no difference. If you take them all at once, I would suggest having some food in your stomach first to avoid the possibility of nausea. Pay attention to any symptoms that occur.

Begin by following the basic program suggestions of 6–8 drops of each tincture twice a day. I would take them along with breakfast and lunch. If no symptoms occur (like headache or backache, etc.) I would increase the amount taken each time. If all is still well, I would add an extra dose mid-morning and then, if I thought I could handle it with no nasty symptoms, add another dose mid-afternoon.

Adjusting to Personal Needs — Individualizing

There are possible scenarios and suggestions in the book Butterfly Miracles with Herbal Remedies under "Adjusting to Personal Needs". You will need to pay attention to your body unless you muscle test—in which case, you can simply ask yourself questions such as "Which tinctures should I take today?" and "How much of each tincture should I take each time?"

If the kidneys began to struggle, I would back off on the LC. If the colon got into trouble, I would increase the CD and the RC and the KT and back off on the LC. There are many possible scenarios. Bottom line is that if you take it slow, making small adjustments as you go, you will get the liver and the colon cleansed, the kidneys will be supported and happier, and you will have wonderfully clean blood (with lots of lovely little "critter fighters" in there).

As I said in the very beginning, herbs are nutrition. If you eat too many cherries, you get diarrhea. If you use too much CD, you get diarrhea. If you eat (some of us) too much of certain foods (like asparagus) your kidneys do a bit of a cleanse. Just do it, do it slowly, feel well all along, and feel much better.

Now, one last point. If your colon is particularly clogged you might want to start there by not doing the LC - do the other three along with everything else you have ever heard of to get that colon cleaner. Then do the whole program.


I do this for at least a month every spring (and if I have been naughty for Christmas, I do it in January for good measure).

Feel free to ask a question on my facebook group—specific ones (we will not consider it "too much information" and will try to coach you along through your specific reactions).

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