Calc phos. Tissue Salt #2

(Calcarea phosphoricum - Fluoride of Lime)

BODY PARTS AFFECTED: Bones. Muscles. Nerves. Brain. Connective tissues. Teeth.

FUNCTION: Aids normal growth and development. Restores tone and strength. Necessary for injury repair. Aids digestion. Aids bone and teeth formation. Essential for recovery from and prevention of anemia

DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS: Anemia. Low blood volume. Tendency to bruise easily. Blood coagulation problems. Imperfect circulation. Bone weakness. Poor assimilation of nutrients. Shriveled, wrinkled, or pasty looking skin. Chronic sore throat. Enlarged tonsils. Inability of the body to maintain warmth with the tip of the nose, the hands, and the ears particularly cold. General feeling of chilliness.
Pregnant women often suffer from a lack of calcium and, to a lesser degree, phosphorus. This contributes to the mysterious cravings of pregnancy. A craving for pickles and ice cream makes perfect sense since the vinegar in pickles aids in the assimilation of the calcium in the ice cream and fills the craving for cold food and drink at the same time. Calc phos deficiency sometimes manifests as pica, a craving for indigestibles.

MENTAL DEFICIENCY SYMPTOMS: Impaired memory. Inability to concentrate. Increased anxiety.

COMMENTS: Symptoms are worse at night when calcium receptor sites open. Deficiency creates cravings for the salt found in ham and bacon and for ice cold drinks or ice. Calcium, given at the beginning of labor, is a good idea, especially for night labors. Nat Mur and Nat Phos are often needed for optimum absorption of Calc Phos. Protein, magnesium, sodium (from sea salt), and potassium are also required.
In the past, it was recommended that pregnant woman avoid salt. I suppose this might be advisable if the salt you use was processed to death and man-made nutrients added back in. The exact opposite is true with a good sea salt. In fact, sea salt added to the diet helps prevent both toxemia and anemia!

FOOD SOURCES: Vegetables, herbs, almonds, cucumbers, oats, soybeans, white beans, dandelion greens, cherries, spinach, squash, pumpkins, and dairy products.

PRECURSORS AND FOLLOW-UPS: Nat Mur, Nat Phos, Kali Phos, Kali Mur, Silicea > Calc Phos > Nat Sulph.

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Calcarea phosphoricum

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