LeResilience (Coming Soon)

INGREDIENTS: Bergamot, Daffodil, Frankincense Carterii, Howood, Rose, Ylang

AFFINITY FOR: nervous system, muscles, skin, digestive system, immune system, heart chakra

RESONANCE: emotional, physical, mental

APPLICATION: LeResilience is wonderful as a perfume, body spray, or used in skin care regimens. Apply topically to areas of pain or restriction. Apply across the neck and shoulders for headaches or stiff necks. Use as a massage oil, add a drop or two to the bath, or rub on the feet to alleviate stress and promote relaxation. Diffuse to freshen the air and to enjoy the sweet floral aroma.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: LeResilience has a heady, sweet floral aroma that reminds me of LeCherish or LeExpressions. Daffodil and Rose De Mai are very beautiful, strong floral fragrances that are tempered by the sweetness of Howood and Ylang. Bergamot adds a lively, zesty note while the frankincense completes the blend with a spicy rich base. LeResilience is high-frequency essential oil.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: LeResilience is an excellent blend to use during times of emotional transition. It has a strong affinity for the heart chakra that allows us to be more connected with our inner selves. An open heart always brings more peace, love, and appreciation into our lives. It can increase energy and clean out old emotions. LeResilience can help alleviate anxiety about the future, soothe grief, and release anger.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: LeResilience can reduce stress during times of physical transition such as after surgery, trauma, illness, or when someone is dying. It will reduce pain, fear, and anxiety. LeResilience is good for any condition that is caused or worsened by nervous tension and emotional trauma.

LeResilience has an affinity for the digestive system and can be used during times of digestive upsets. This is particularly true if the digestive upset has roots in the emotions. LeResilience is excellent for aiding circulation, calming the nerves, and eliminating pain. LeResilience can be of benefit if there is a need to recover from difficulties and regain resilience.

GENERAL INFORMATION: The word Resilience means the capacity to withstand, or to recover quickly from, difficulties or the ability of a substance or object to spring back into shape. Everyday life is full of adversity that we must sort, process, and hopefully grow from. LeResilience essential oil blend allows us to adapt and persevere but also to thrive as well. It is a very calming essential oil blend that will stabilize and soothe. It does this by recharging all the body systems.

CAUTIONS: Some of the essential oils in this blend are phototoxic. Application on the skin prior to being in the sun is not advised. For topical or aromatic use only. Do not ingest blends containing Daffodil essential oil.

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