(Narcissus poeticus)

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antispasmodic, tonic, soothing, emollient, regenerative, tranquilizing, calmative, digestive, sedative, aphrodisiac

AFFINITY FOR: all systems of the body, muscles, skin, solar plexus, water meridian, and earth meridian

RESONANCE: physical, mental, emotional

PLANT FAMILY: Amaryllidaceae



AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Floral, heady, intensely sweet, almost hypnotic aroma.

APPLICATION: Dilute and apply to wrist, ears, and neck as a perfume. Apply topically to any area of the body. Diffuse for a invigorating aroma. Put a drop or two in the tub for relaxation.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: Daffodil helps to quiet the mind and body allowing us to take a deep breath, and center ourselves. With an affinity for sedating the organs of the body, Daffodil reminds us to slow down, and allow for fun and spontaneity in our lives. Daffodil boosts our confidence, giving us personal power to break free from the stresses of life, and just enjoy where we are at that moment. Daffodil helps renew our passions in life, and in our relationships. The effect of Daffodil is hard to describe because you don’t feel tired or sedated as you would think from the description but refreshed, happy, and peaceful; ready to relax or take on the world, whichever you feel you need to do. Truly a unique oil!

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Daffodil is a very soothing essential oil. It promotes relaxation, alleviates spasms in the digestive tract, respiratory system, and the nervous system. Daffodil is known for helping to relax you into sleep, particularly if your sleep is disturbed due to pain or stress. Daffodil is deeply nourishing to the skin and will help reduce the appearance of scars. Daffodil is considered an aphrodisiac, and is helpful for setting a romantic mood. Daffodil has diuretic properties making it good for arthritis, rheumatism, and prevents the formation of kidney stones.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Extracted from the lovely white flowers of the narcissus poeticus, commonly known as daffodils. Narcissus poeticus is a spring flower that is very common and is widely cultivated in North America and Europe. Daffodils have been used for their fragrance since ancient times, and are frequently known as the narcissus flowers often associated with the Greek Legend of Narcissus. Narcissus is derived from the Greek word- narkeo meaning narcotic.

CAUTIONS: Daffodil essential oil is considered safe for topical use. However, caution is advised when pregnant or breast feeding. Never ingest Daffodil essential oil!

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