15 Flower(Similar to Rescue Remedy)

This remedy was formulated to help combat depression, stabilize emotions, and help us recover from setbacks and traumas. Flower Essences work on emotional levels by removing emotional imbalances and each flower essence in this formula was carefully selected to help us be more confident, peaceful, and joyous. This is a great remedy to grab when you or someone you love is going through a difficult time or enduring emotional stress.


The following is a small amount of information on each of the INGREDIENTS of this combination.

ASPEN Populus tremula (green/gray)
Positive Qualities: Confidence in the future. Trust in the ability to handle upcoming events. Spirituality as a means of gaining strength.
Patterns of Imbalance: Vague fear of the future. Fear of things that are not known or have not been previously experienced. Nightmares. Inability to relay on spiritual strengths and experiences.

CHERRY PLUM Prunus cerasifera (white)
Positive Qualities: Feelings of being guided and protected by a Heaven. Balance and calm reason even in the face of extreme stress.
Patterns of Imbalance: Fear of losing control mentally or emotionally. Destructive emotional patterns in relationships Suicidal thoughts.
Ingredient of Rescue Remedy—used for shock & trauma to emotions and spirit.

CLEMATIS Clematis vitalba (white)
Positive Qualities: Inspired in practical daily situations. The ability to bring dreams into reality.
Patterns of Imbalance: Continual daydreaming as a means of escaping the present. Impractical ideas. An attraction to psychotropic drugs or fantasy games and movies.
Ingredient of Rescue Remedy—used for shock & trauma to emotions and spirit.

ELM Ulmus procera (reddish-brown)
Positive Qualities: Serves joyously, ability to bear tasks effectively, has confidence and faith to complete their tasks.
Patterns of Imbalance: Personal and work commitments are overwhelming, feeling unable to perform tasks, scattered or dysfunctional to commitments and responsibilities.

GENTIAN Gentiana amarella (purple)
Positive Qualities: Deep and unwavering faith. Seeing the entire picture and one’s place in it.
Patterns of Imbalance: Discouragement. Inability to bounce back from trials or setbacks.

HEATHER Calluna vulgaris (pink, purple)
Positive Qualities: Inner peace and tranquility. Emotional self-sufficiency. Ability to care for others.
Patterns of Imbalance: Continually absorbed in and talking about own problems. Lonely. Dysfunctional.

HORNBEAM Carpinus betulus (yellow/green)
Positive Qualities: Unlimited reserves of energy. A new approach to old situations.
Patterns of Imbalance: Fatigue. Feeling that life is monotonous. Emotional exhaustion.

IMPATIENS Impatiens glandulifera (pink/mauve)
Positive Qualities: Being in the moment. Calm. Attentive. Peaceful. Patient.
Patterns of Imbalance: Great tension. Creating stress where none need exist. Irritability. Impatience.
Ingredient of Rescue Remedy—used for shock & trauma to emotions and spirit.

LARCH Larix decieua (red f./yellow m.)
Positive Qualities: Self-confidence. An ability to express oneself verbally and creatively. Spontaneous. Willing to take sensible risks.
Patterns of Imbalance: Doubting oneself and one’s abilities. Lack of self-confidence. Afraid to try anything new or take any risks.

MUSTARD Sinapis arvensis (yellow)
Positive Qualities: Finding joy in life. The ability to stay stable from day to day.
Patterns of Imbalance: Being overwhelmed with despair and sadness. Discouragement. Depression that has no obvious cause.

OLIVE Olea europaea (white)
Positive Qualities: Ability to recover emotional strength and physical energy quickly. Deep reserves within oneself. Awareness of the connection between the physical body and the spirit.
Patterns of Imbalance: Complete exhaustion after a long struggle. Inability to regain strength.

PINE Pinus sylvestris (red f./yellow m.)
Positive Qualities: Acknowledgment of one’s faults without excessive self-blame. Regret and remorse when it is appropriate but with the courage to set things right and move on.
Patterns of Imbalance: Excessive guilt. Inability to move on from past mistakes. Emotional paralysis.

ROCK ROSE Helianthemum nummularium (yellow)
Positive Qualities: Courage, inner peace and tranquility in the face of obstacles and challenges.
Patterns of Imbalance: Deep fear. Terror. Panic. Fear of death. Pain. Grief. Loneliness.
Ingredient of Rescue Remedy—used for shock & trauma to emotions and spirit.

STAR OF BETHLEHEM Ornithogalum umbellatum (white)
Positive Qualities: Restores inner strength after traumatic events—either present or from the past.
Patterns of Imbalance: Inability to draw strength from the spiritual realm. Slowed mental capacity.
Ingredient of Rescue Remedy—used for shock & trauma to emotions and spirit.

WHITE CHESTNUT Aesculus hippocastanum (white with pink, red & yellow centers)
Positive Qualities: Having a calm and peaceful mind, spirit, and heart.
Patterns of Imbalance: Repetitive thoughts. Chattering mind. Compulsive. Obsessive. Anxious.

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