ESS Herbal


(Similar to the Famous Essiac Tea)

2.00 Burdock
2.00 Sheep Sorrel
0.50 Red Clover
0.25 Blessed Thistle
0.25 Dulse
0.25 Slippery Elm
0.25 Watercress
0.125 Rhubarb Root (Turkey)

Total herbs 5.625 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:9

DO NOT USE IF PREGNANT OR NURSING! This is a very strong liver, blood, and systemic cleanser!

This is the strongest cleansing program that I know of. As such it needs to be treated with respect. It is very important to support the kidneys with Marshmallow and Mullein teas in large quantities and KT tincture while you are taking ESS, and for several weeks afterward.

The dosage varies according to what you are using it for and it is recommended that you take it on an empty stomach. Some people have used ESS (and a similar formula called Essiac) to fight cancer. The recommendation is that no food be eaten 2 hours before or after each dose and the doses will be larger than for a cleansing program.

We have made ESS as a tincture and found it effective, however it is most commonly used as a tea.

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