Sheep Sorrel Herbal

Sheep Sorrel

Rumex acetosella

PART USED: Aerial portion

PROPERTIES: Alterative (blood cleansing), Diuretic, Laxative (mildly)

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Digestive, Urinary (with caution)

POSSIBLE USES: gastrointestinal issues, detox


Sheep Sorrel is an ingredient in the now classic Essiac Cancer Formula (see ESS recipe). Proper clinical trials of this formula are being conducted in Canada at this time. The results are not yet in from these trials.

Sheep Sorrel is a detoxifying herb and also has strong diuretic properties. Like other members of the dock family, it is mildly laxative and is a remedy for the treatment of chronic disease, particularly those that are related to the gastrointestinal tract.

Several reliable herbal sources say that Sheep Sorrel should not be used by anyone with a tendency to kidney stones. If I had to choose between stones or cancer, I would (and did) risk the stones! (Hadn’t had any kidney stones for many years and didn’t get them with the use of Sheep Sorrel, either, although I had been very prone to them in the past!)

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