HGL Herbal


(Formerly Hyper-Glandular)

1.00 Oregon Grape
0.50 Devil’s Claw
0.50 Red Clover
0.25 Bilberry Leaf
0.25 Ginseng
0.25 Mullein
0.25 Uva Ursi
0.125 Cayenne

Total herbs 3.125 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:10

Formulated to strengthen adrenal and pancreas function and to regulate blood sugar levels in both hypoglycemia and diabetes. Devil’s Claw and Bilberry are specific to blood sugar related problems.

This is the same as the LIC formula except HGL has Red Clover instead of Licorice Root, since Licorice Root is contra-indicated for use with certain types of valvular heart problems. This formula can be safely and effectively used in these circumstances. See LIC for more information about contraindications of Licorice Root.

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