LB Herbal


(Formerly Lower Bowel)

1.00 Blue Vervain
0.50 Buckthorn
0.50 Cascara Sagrada
0.50 Licorice Root
0.50 Red Clover
0.25 Bayberry Root
0.25 Raspberry Leaf
0.25 Uva Ursi
0.125 Cayenne
0.125 Ginger
0.125 Lobelia
0.125 Oregon Grape

Total herbs 4.25 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:8

This bowel formula is a bit stronger than CD (formerly Colon/Digestive) and could be used alternately with it. Be mindful of the Licorice Root if there is a heart problem such as a valve problem or an arrhythmia that might make Licorice Root contra-indicated. Bilberry can be substituted or the Licorice Root can just be left out altogether. Careful muscle testing, if you have developed that skill, can let you know whether or not Licorice Root is contra-indicated for someone.

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