(Formerly Red Clover Combination)

0.75 Red Clover
0.50 Oregon Grape
0.25 Buckthorn
0.25 Burdock
0.25 Cascara Sagrada
0.25 Chaparral
0.25 Licorice Root
0.25 Peach Leaf
0.25 Poke Root
0.25 Prickly Ash
0.25 Sarsaparilla
0.25 Stillingia

Total herbs 3.75 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:12
Glycerin Ratio-1:11

RC is one of the most effective infection fighter formulas that I have ever seen and is my personal favorite! This combination is a particularly potent blood cleanser, and is very good at keeping a localized infection from spreading and growing.

RC can be used to prevent contagion when everyone around you is coming down with one bug or another.

This has been used successfully—more than once—as a cancer fighting formula. It was even used, in desperation, by a pregnant woman with a wonderful outcome for both mom and baby. RC is safe enough to use when nursing.

For best result, be very faithful about taking RC regularly. Keep the doses as high as can be tolerated by the body and continue taking for a few days after you think you are completely well. Any surviving bacteria will be very healthy and resistant. It is always best to avoid a second round of any illness.

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