Stillingia Herbal


Stillingia sylvatica


PROPERTIES: Adaptogenic, Alterative, Tonic (lymph), Laxative/Cathartic, Antibacterial, Pectoral, Expectorant

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Lymphatic, Immune, Digestive, Respiratory

POSSIBLE USES: lymphatic congestion, constipation, bronchial congestion, hemorrhoids, laryngitis, muscle spasms, skin abscesses, blood cleanse


Stillingia is considered an excellent alterative herb that gradually converts an unhealthy condition into a healthy one. It is thought to be especially effective for the lymphatic system. It has been used to rid the body of toxins and cleanse and purify the blood, as well as relieve bronchial complaints. Its astringent qualities have made it useful in alleviating painful hemorrhoids.

Stillingia is considered a powerfully stimulating expectorant that can be used to bring up phlegm from the lungs in difficult circumstances. Stillingia purifies the blood, and, with its diaphoretic properties, it eliminates the toxins from the body through sweating.

Stillingia should be used in small doses—otherwise it will act as a cathartic and evacuate the bowel in a too drastic and painful manner.

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