BRON Herbal


(Formerly Bronchitis)

0.50 Echinacea
0.50 Lomatium
0.50 Osha
0.50 Pau D’Arco
0.50 Usnea
0.50 Yerba Santa
0.25 Elecampane
0.25 Licorice Root
0.25 Oregon Grape
0.25 Propolis

Total herbs 4.0 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:9
Glycerin Ratio-1:12

BRON is a good remedy for bronchitis, as well as mild pulmonary and respiratory congestion. There are some very good anti-infectious herbs in this formula, but I always take it in conjunction with IF, RC, or BAC.

BRON should be used with PL if pleurisy is present. Pleurisy is the inflammation of the membrane sac surrounding the lungs. If you have pleurisy, it will hurt to breathe. If you have ever had pleurisy, you know that you never want to have it again. A little prevention, especially when it comes to pleurisy, is a very good idea.

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