Lomatium Herbal


Lomatium dissectum


PROPERTIES: Tonic, Stimulant to the peripheral circulation, Antibiotic, Antiviral, Anti-inflammatory, Antiseptic

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Digestive, Respiratory, Urinary, Immune

POSSIBLE USES: lung ailments, urinary tract infections, infectious diseases


Lomatium is a very powerful herbal antibiotic and antiviral agent that is especially effective in conditions affecting the lungs. Lomatium also seems to significantly improve overall immune function. Taken early in the season, Lomatium can be a preventative during the cold and flu season as it increases resistance. There is an impressive list of bacteria that studies indicate Lomatium is effective against in laboratory settings.

Lomatium’s antibiotic and antiseptic properties make it particularly beneficial for urinary tract and bladder infections. The strong anti-inflammatory properties are known to decrease swelling in joints, especially in those with autoimmune disorders who suffer from chronic pain in the back and the joints. Lomatium seems to bring relief from fatigue.

Lomatium has the ability to make the blood more alkaline. A body that is alkaline will detox itself naturally and is resistant to microbial attack and to cancer. Topically, Lomatium is excellent for disinfecting cuts, scrapes, rashes, and wounds.

One of my favorite formulas was the FS—for flu—(before I discovered homeopathic Arsenicum album). One of two things always happened when I administered it to my children. Either they immediately felt better, or they immediately vomited and then felt better.

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