FS Herbal


(Formerly Flu Stopper)

1.00 Licorice Root
1.00 Lomatium
0.50 Ginger
0.25 Cayenne
0.25 Oregon Grape

Total herbs 3.0 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:7

This is a really good, effective formula! Lomatium is not in common use but its addition to this formula is an essential part of the ability of FS to act quickly.

More often than not this remedy will cause the person to vomit once or twice rather violently, but a very little while later they will feel much better. They might even wonder if they were really coming down with the flu at all and will wonder if it was just a little food poisoning or indigestion. Works well for indigestion caused by overeating or eating too many rich foods.

A homeopathic, made from this tincture, is also available. I find the homeopathic version, because it is nearly tasteless, to be the one I reach for most often.

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