Comfrey Root Herbal

Comfrey Root

Symphytum officinale

Much of the following information applies equally to both root and leaf, although the root is considered to be stronger.


PROPERTIES: Demulcent, Cell Proliferant, Astringent, Nutritive, Tonic, Expectorant, Alterative, Vulnerary, Styptic, Pectoral

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Comfrey is an herb for the whole body.

POSSIBLE USES: diarrhea, inflamed kidneys, lung hemorrhage, coughs, tuberculosis, stomach ulcers, anemia, sprain, bruises, broken bones, wounds, varicose veins, boils, burns—to name just a few!

INGREDIENT IN: APL, BHM Plus Salve, BHM Salve, BHM, CM Salve, IBL, LN, Miracle Salve, MP, PL, PPAC, PT

The medicinal uses for Comfrey are so extensive that to do them real justice would take several pages. I will mention a few unusual ones.

Comfrey feeds the pituitary which in turn helps strengthen the skeletal system. Pituitary hormones help maintain the calcium-phosphorus balance which in turn produces strong bones and healthy skin. Dr. Christopher claimed that Comfrey would “cause broken bones to knit in half the usual time.”

Comfrey is a marvelous herb for the respiratory system, especially in situations that are extremely serious such as hemorrhage in the lungs. Comfrey soothes inflamed respiratory (and other) tissues.

Both the root and leaves can be made into a poultice to heal even the most obstinate or ulcerous wounds and to treat even the most severe burns (this we know about personally). This marvelous herb also acts as a blood purifier.

Comfrey Leaf

Symphytum officinale

Comfrey Leaf and Root are often used interchangeably although the root is considered to be stronger than the leaf. Comfrey Root is used in all formulas in this book. Personally, I love the leaf for use as a tea, or as a soak or poultice for injured body parts. Comfrey Leaf should be harvested before the plant flowers as, once a plant flowers, the predominant energy of the plant has moved into the flowering part. Leaves late in the fall also lack medicinal value because the strength of the plant has returned to the root.

Comfrey was praised by Dr. Shook, a great herbalist of the latter part of the 20th century and a contemporary of Dr. John Christopher. He said, “This is one of Nature’s great masterpieces, one of the most important therapeutic agents ever discovered by man.” Also, “It will cure all curable cases, and in the incurable ones it will soothe, comfort, support the heart, check hemorrhage, ease cough, help breathing, and check diarrhea—in cases of internal injury, broken bones, torn ligaments, and lacerated tissue, it is the quickest, safest and most certain healer.”

Dr. Shook also said, “It does not seem to matter much which part of the body is broken or torn, either internally or externally, Comfrey will heal it quickly. It is a great cell proliferant or new cell grower, it grows new flesh and bone alike, stops hemorrhage, and is wonderful for coughs, soothing and healing the inflamed tissues in a most remarkable manner.”

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