BHM Herbal


(Formerly Bone High Mineral)

1.50 Comfrey Root
0.50 Black Walnut Hulls
0.50 Lobelia
0.50 Marshmallow
0.50 Mullein
0.50 Oregon Grape
0.50 Plantain
0.50 Red Clover
0.50 Skullcap
0.50 Uva Ursi
0.50 White Oak
0.50 Wormwood

Total herbs 3.5 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:10
Glycerin Ratio-1:11

BHM is the best all-around super-nutritious herbal combination. In similar formulations, my family has been using this remedy for nearly all the years of my married life—and that is a lot of years! What do the initials ‘BHM’ stand for? BHM was formerly known as Bone-High Mineral, which is a perfect description of some of the healing properties of this wonderful formula.

BHM is available as a tincture or glycerin and in salve and lotion forms. BHM is also available as a dry herb pack to enable you to make your own tinctures as well as for ease in steeping up amazing cups of nutritious tea. Herbs, sometimes to a significant extent, pull more readily and with different properties in alcohol, glycerin, or water concoctions. Oh, how I love a warm cup of herbal tea on a cold morning or just before going to bed!

An Interesting and Important Detail:

The super-nutritious BHM formula is comprised of the same herbs as are found in APL, minus the garlic. APL is the strongest infection and ‘critter’ fighting formula that I have ever come across in all my years as an herbalist! Why would the same herbs be found in both formulas? Nutrition and nutritive herbs play an important role in the treatment of bone and muscle issues. BHM is incredible! Since APL is so incredible, nutrition is equally important when fighting illness and disease.
So many illnesses and diseases simply cannot ‘take hold’ in a well-nourished body!

BHM can also be used as a mineral supplement, especially for low calcium and magnesium. A little bit is helpful with teething babies and the healing of breaks, sprains, and burns. The addition of essential oils, especially for depression, can be very helpful.

These same herbs are used in the salve recipe of the same name. An excellent drawing salve BHM Plus salve, is made by adding a few additional herbs. These herbs make a wonderful pack or soak for sprains or broken bones.

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