BHM Herbal


Bone High Mineral
(Formerly BFC)

BHM is made with the same dry herbs as are listed for the APL formula (no Garlic however). BHM is made into a regular alcohol-based tincture. Obviously, nutrition and nutritive herbs play an important role in the treatment of bone and muscle problems.

BHM can also be used as a mineral supplement, especially for low calcium and magnesium. A little bit is helpful with teething babies and the healing of breaks, sprains, and burns. The addition of essential oils, especially for depression, can be very helpful.

These same herbs are used in the salve recipe of the same name listed below. An excellent drawing salve, on the next page, is made by adding a few additional herbs. These herbs make a wonderful pack or soak for sprains or broken bones.

Total herbs 3.5 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:10
Glycerin Ratio-1:11

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