Plantain Herbal


Plantago major


PROPERTIES: Alterative, Adaptogenic, Demulcent, Styptic, Hemostatic, Anti-inflammatory, Expectorant Emmenagogue, Vulnerary

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Digestive, Urinary, Immune, Lymphatic

POSSIBLE USES: wounds, diarrhea, bladder inflammation, lung complaints, stomach ulcers, ovarian cysts

INGREDIENT IN: AC, APL, BAC, BHM Plus Salve, BHM Salve, BHM, CD, LC, Miracle Salve, MULC, PT

Plantain is a great healer and is used both internally and externally. Used as a poultice or a soak, Plantain will remove any infection that might be present and then heal the wound in even very advanced cases of infection. Plantain is particularly effective for infections in the extremities of the body. Plantain with Mullein and Poke Root is unsurpassed as a remedy for infected wounds.

Enzymes found in Plantain are used for stomach ache, diarrhea, mild intestinal inflammation, hemorrhoids, and bladder inflammation. The fresh juice contains the most enzymes, of course. Fresh juice of Plantain is almost miraculous in the healing of stomach ulcers. Even as a tincture, Plantain is useful for all of these conditions. Plantain seeds are similar to Psyllium seeds; they are both members of the plantago species. Plantain seeds can be used similarly to Psyllium seeds for bowel problems.

Both Plantain leaf and root are useful in treating chronic lung conditions, especially in children. A mild tea of Plantain makes an excellent eye wash for infection in the eyes.

Plantain has been used in the treatment of ADHD because it provides a great deal of nutrition, and may help with any allergies or difficulties with dyes and preservatives that may be contributing to the problem.

Plantain often grows in close proximity to water where mosquitoes are likely to breed, and it is excellent for the treatment of mosquito bites. Isn’t nature and nature’s creator wonderful? Simply macerate (mash and cut) the leaves a little and rub on or apply to the bites. This can be easily accomplished by simply chewing the leaves for a moment. The enzymes you will get this way will also be good for you! Plantain, used this way, will also stop bleeding from minor cuts and wounds.

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