MULC Herbal


(Formerly Mullein Compound)

0.50 Mullein
0.25 Blue Vervain
0.25 Elecampane
0.25 Ginseng Root
0.25 Hyssop
0.25 Marshmallow
0.25 Oregon Grape
0.25 Plantain
0.25 Red Clover
0.125 Chaparral
0.125 Brigham Tea
(If Brigham Tea is unavailable, substitute 0.125 Red Clover, 0.0625 Goldenrod, and 0.0625 Wood Betony.)

Total herbs 2.75 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:11

This is an infection fighting formula, the Mullein and Elecampane make it especially beneficial for respiratory ailments and for people whose kidneys struggle whenever they are ill. Mullein and Marshmallow are soothing and emollient and do a very good job of rebuilding any tissues that the illness might have damaged or dried out. This is a particular favorite of mine.

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