Garlic Herbal


Allium sativum


PROPERTIES: Adaptogenic, Stimulant, Tonic (circulatory—including veins and arteries), Antibiotic

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Lymphatic, Immune, Digestive, Respiratory, Cardiovascular, Circulatory

POSSIBLE USES: nature’s best antibiotic; use it all of the time, but especially when illness is coming on


Garlic has been used for a long list of medicinal purposes for a long, long time. It is considered by many alternative practitioners to be nature’s most effective antibiotic. In the United States, Garlic consistently ranks among the top five best-selling herbs.

Until recently, most of the benefits of Garlic have been considered folklore based on unreliable anecdotal experiences. In November of 1990 a report in the Journal of the American Medical Association claimed the therapeutic roles of Garlic have been described in more than 1,000 scientific studies. Some of these studies were quoted and explained in the article.

Some of the health benefits shown by these studies were that Garlic can lower cholesterol levels, prevent blood clots from forming, strengthen veins and arteries, reduce blood pressure, protect against bacterial and fungal infections, and even prevent cancer.

My favorite use for Garlic is as a soaked oil—ground up very thoroughly before being placed in the oil or by using an oil-based gel cap, —placed in the ear for earache. I like to add a couple of drops of BBL to aid healing and act as a pain reliever and like to use Mullein soaked oil along with the Garlic (not essential oil for either the Garlic or the Mullein). I use the Mullein because it is so soothing. EO is a formula I have made for ear infections. It contains Garlic as well as Mullein, and some other useful herbs.

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