Saw Palmetto Herbal

Saw Palmetto

Serenoa repens


PROPERTIES: Tonic (circulatory), Diuretic, Anti-inflammatory, Antispasmodic, Expectorant, Demulcent, Anabolic (strengthens and builds body tissues and encourages weight gain in cases of debility)

SYSTEMS AFFECTED: Urinary, Endocrine/Glandular, Cardiovascular (depressant), Reproductive (anti-estrogenic)

POSSIBLE USES: prostate problems, male menopause, hemorrhoids, endometriosis, wasting diseases


Saw Palmetto has long been a renowned treatment for enlarged prostate. Extensive clinical trials in Europe support this usage, although the various trials were conducted using lipid or fat extracts of Saw Palmetto, rather than the entire plant—as would seem to me to be a better idea (unless you are looking for a patentable drug rather than a simple plant cure).

Saw Palmetto appears to bind to androgens (male sexual hormones), making them less active within the body, particularly within the prostate gland. Saw Palmetto also has anti-estrogenic activity—making it an interesting herb to be considered for women also.

For further information on the emotional benefits of Saw Palmetto, please see the Tonic Herbs section of Chapter Four.

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