PRT Herbal


(Formerly Prostate Tonic)

0.50 Echinacea
0.50 Horsetail
0.50 Hydrangea
0.50 Oregon Grape
0.50 Sarsaparilla
0.50 Saw Palmetto
0.50 Yarrow
0.25 Astragalus
0.25 Cornsilk
0.25 Damiana
0.25 Ginseng Root

Total herbs 4.5 oz
Tincture Ratio-1:7

Inflammation, clogging, or infection of the prostate gland is indicated by frequent urination with a decreased stream. Infection is often accompanied by pain, and/or chills, and fever. This formula is designed to be a prostate and urinary tonic, anti-inflammatory, and an infection fighter. PRT can be taken daily as a tonic and preventative. For extreme symptoms of infection and inflammation, dosages would be higher and more frequent until the symptoms subside.

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