(Santalum album)

INGREDIENT IN: LeAcknowledge, LeAgeLess, LeBeloved, LeBenediction, LeDreams, LeEverlasting, LeExhilaration, LeExpressions, LeFocus, LeGrace, LeInner Peace, LeInsight, LeIQ, LeKindred Spirit, LeLetting Go, LeMagi, LeMeditation, LeMoonlight, LeTomorrow, LeTrust, LeTurmoil, LeUnDone, LeUnity

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: supports cardiovascular system, antiseptic, antidepressant, diuretic, tonic, aphrodisiac, astringent, emollient, calming, anti-infective, decongestant

AFFINITY FOR: pineal, pituitary, skin, lymph, bladder meridian, gallbladder meridian, vibration between crown and base chakras which affects all of the chakras in between

RESONANCE: physical, emotional, energetic, spiritual

PLANT FAMILY: Santalaceae


EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Among Sandalwood’s many actions is its ability to give us a sense of inner peace, even when we know that we are heading into difficult challenges.

APPLICATION: Sandalwood is the favorite essential oil of many people, including me. It should be worn on the body anywhere, at any time, and diffused everywhere.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: Sandalwood has a very high sesquiterpene percentage. As it crosses the blood/brain barrier it increases oxygen around the pineal and pituitary glands and stimulates the amygdala. This has a profound effect on attitude and emotion. Sandalwood can help us focus outward, loving and accepting others with a full heart. Sandalwood increases our desire to ponder and then act on the perceptions and impressions we have received. (Problem solving is an action of the amygdala.)

The energy of Sandalwood vibrates between the crown chakra and the base chakra. This makes it both grounding and energizing to the physical body and to the mind. Sandalwood is often used in yoga disciplines and in meditation because it enhances our ability to look inside ourselves and be honest about what we see there. The aroma of Sandalwood strengthens the astral body, which is the Chinese way of saying that it improves communication between the physical body and the energetic languages of the mind and spirit.

Sandalwood has the ability to go into the DNA of the cells and unlock emotional trauma. It can help us curb manipulative or controlling tendencies in our personalities. Sandalwood essential oil alleviates depression, anxiety, and nervous exhaustion.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Some of the many uses of Sandalwood include bladder and throat infections, bronchitis, tuberculosis, cystitis, and fluid retention. Sandalwood is an excellent skin and tissue regenerating oil. Sandalwood should probably be part of any program for a chronic type illness.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Sandalwood is another resource which is being seriously depleted worldwide. It takes a minimum of 30 years to mature a Sandalwood tree to its optimum value therapeutically and it is the heartwood of the tree that makes the very best essential oil. These conditions contribute to the fact that Sandalwood is often adulterated with something else to extend the quantity. The price of the essential oil is beginning to reflect the difficulties in obtaining this most precious essential oil.

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