Violet Leaf, absolute

(Viola odorata)

INGREDIENT IN: LeMyGraine, LeWoodland Path

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: analgesic, antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, aphrodisiac, astringent, circulatory stimulant, decongestant, diuretic, emollient, expectorant, hepatic, laxative, lymphatic, pectoral, sedative

AFFINITY FOR: circulatory system, lymphatic system, liver, nerves, all four fire element meridians, heart chakra

RESONANCE: physical, emotional




APPLICATION: Can be diffused, added to the bath, or diluted and applied to any area of the body.

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: The aroma of violet on first impression is very green—grassy and leafy all at once. Applied to the body or diffused, it develops a delightful floral overtone. The aroma is soothing and inspiring.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: Violet supports the heart and the emotions that reside there. Violet is particularly balancing to feelings of melancholy, nostalgia, and longing for things past. Violet can also be used effectively to temper obsessive tendencies. The aroma of Violet Leaf can help us focus mentally, pay attention more easily, and see clearly to the core of confusing issues in our lives. The clarifying influence of Violet Leaf essential oil can help us realize our potential and overcome feelings of fear.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Inhaled, particularly using a cool-mist humidifier, violet can relieve migraine headaches and clear blocked nasal passages. Violet Leaf can be applied topically to relieve the pain associated with sprains, bruises, and arthritis. Violet Leaf essential oil, applied with water rather than a carrier oil, can cleanse and close the pores of the skin and increase lymphatic drainage. Violet is considered a liver decongestant and circulatory stimulant. Violet oil should be applied to the chest or inhaled when there is a need to bring up phlegm (expectorate).

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