(Nardostachys jatamansi)

INGREDIENT IN: LeEverlasting, LeJourney, LeMariah, LeMoonlight, LeNoMore, LeTendaCare, LeTurmoil, LeUnity, LeVallee, LeWoman Wise

THERAPEUTIC PROPERTIES: antiseptic, antibiotic, antifungal, anti-inflammatory, calmative, sedative, deodorant, skin tonic, laxative

AFFINITY FOR: intestinal tract, reproductive system, skin, nervous system, crown chakra

RESONANCE: physical, emotional

PLANT FAMILY: Valerianaceae

PART UTILIZED: roots, wildcrafted

EXTRACTION METHOD: steam distilled

AROMATIC CONSIDERATIONS: Spikenard has a wet earth, animal-like, or perhaps, mossy aroma that I find pleasant only when I am really in need of the soothing, sedating qualities of this essential oil. Whether the aroma is pleasant in your opinion or not, the aroma of Spikenard will create a soothing, back-to-nature atmosphere around you.

APPLICATION: Spikenard should be diluted and applied wherever it is needed.

EMOTIONAL - SPIRITUAL - MENTAL ASPECTS: Spikenard is the emotional equivalent of packing up and leaving the old ways of thinking and reacting behind. Spikenard oil is not about repair of attitudes or relationships; it is about doing a clean sweep emotionally and beginning again.

Spikenard is a good oil for use at the time of approaching death. It can give one the courage needed to seek release from this life and move forward to the new. Spikenard is an oil of forgiveness. It can help us come to terms with the experiences of our life and to feel at peace with those who shared our journey with us. It was a flask of Spikenard oil that Mary Magdaline used on the Savior’s feet. There may have been several reasons for her choice of this precious and expensive ointment. Perhaps it was in preparation of his coming death, to aid him in forgiving all the injustices that had and would be done to him, or it could have been to help the mortal side of his nature find the courage to complete the great task assigned to him. Maybe it was just out of love and a desire to serve that she chose to anoint her Lord with oil of Spikenard.

PHYSICAL ASPECTS: Spikenard is a wonderful oil for ailments resulting from bacterial infections on the skin or in the body. Spikenard will protect wounds from bacterial infections while soothing and calming the victim. The essential oil of Spikenard makes an excellent deodorant. Problems in the intestinal tract are at the root of many of our physical ailments. Spikenard has a gentle laxative action. Spikenard helps maintain proper hormone levels throughout the reproductive system. Spikenard has a much higher percentage of sesquiterpenes than Frankincense.

GENERAL INFORMATION: Spikenard is also known as false Valerian. There are a small number of people who react negatively and quite strongly to Valerian, even in less concentrated herbal forms. Spikenard accomplishes many of the same things as Valerian. Spikenard is a little less potent but it has always accomplished whatever I have needed it to. Spikenard presents less likelihood of a negative reaction.

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