Gem Essence

Gem Essences are energetic preparations that preserve the healing capacities of the gem, mineral, or crystal for which they are named. Like all Blessed Water preparations, the Gem Essences act first on the structures of the energetic body—and, secondly, on the physical body. In doing so, they balance and harmonize every aspect of our emotions and mental capacities, as well.

Unlike the flower remedies that are made from flowers, of course, the Gem essences are made from precious stones and gems.

Renowned herbalists around the world and over the centuries have recognized the shape, color, and structure of a plant tell us much about the healing properties of plants. They recognized as well that families of plants—those similar in important ways to each other—have both similar characteristics and attributes that are uniquely their own. Certainly, this is true of the mineral kingdom, as well. Energetic remedies of the mineral kingdom bring us great gifts of structure and stability in our emotions and in our physical bodies.

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